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Employees Can Use AI to Boost Career Choices, Says HR Expert

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Irish Examiner – by Joe Dermody

Employees Can Use AI to Boost Career Choices, Says HR Expert

With Artificial Intelligence (AI), it is only natural for employees to worry about job security, but there are many opportunities. Kate Killeen, people lead at software engineering services firm EPAM Ireland, says AI represents an opportunity for employees to progress in their careers.

Employees may be worried about the threat that AI presents to their job security, but it also offers people significant opportunities, says one HR leader.

One key question on the minds of business leaders in Ireland is the role that Artificial Intelligence will play in the future running of their company.  In this Q&A interview with Kate Killeen, people lead at EPAM Systems Inc in Ireland (EPAM Ireland), Kate offers insights into how AI is currently progressing in the Irish work context.

EPAM specialises in software engineering services, digital platform engineering, and digital product design. Founded in Newtown, Pennsylvania, USA, the company also has an office in Blackrock, Dublin.  EPAM has partnered 150+ of the world’s most innovative software and technology companies to help drive next-gen solutions to support today’s largest technological challenges. EPAM is ideally placed to help bring clarity to people's thoughts on AI's role in the future of HR.

With AI, should workers worry about their job safety?

It is only natural for employees to feel some uncertainty around job security, but I think the key focus for individuals and organisations is to work together on managing any changes so that employees feel informed and are not left feeling worried about the unknown.

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