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Exploring Retail Media Measurement: A Q&A with Our Retail Media Committee Experts

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Exploring Retail Media Measurement: A Q&A with Our Retail Media Committee Experts

Retail Media is transforming the digital advertising ecosystem and how brands invest in it. In a recent IAB Europe survey, Retail Media buyers and sellers were asked about which standards are most important for investment, and the majority of buyers (90%) and sellers (84%) cited media and attribution measurement.

To dive into this a little further, experts from our Retail Media Committee share their insight into the type of measurement and metrics that buyers expect from a Retail Media Network.

A big thank you to the following contributors for sharing their thoughts:

  • Diana Abebrese, Global Retail Media Lead, EPAM Systems
  • Rutmer Faber, Retail Media Lead & Marketplaces, Publicis Groupe Netherlands
  • Dirk Hahn, Executive Professional Retail Media, Schwarz Media
  • Mark Bausinger, Senior Director, Business Development, DoubleVerify
  • Christian Bahrendt, Head of Product, Advertima
  • Laura Badea, Global eCommerce Partner, GroupM

Q. What measurement data do you expect from any Retail Media Network?

Diana: I expect basic media measurement including reach metrics (impressions/footfall); viewability, and engagement metrics (clicks, reactions/shares); video views; and sales attribution metrics (still likely to be last-touch attribution). However, retailers need to move past this very quickly, to providing fully de-duped multi-touch attribution measurement at a campaign level.

Q. What additional metrics (beyond the basics) have you received from Retail Media Networks that you thought were valuable?

Diana: I have found the following insights valuable for evaluating media effectiveness and to build a more holistic story around campaign performance:reach v frequency; new v loyal buyers; incremental sales; customer journey insights; basket affinity; shopper mission; shopper lifestage/segment.

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