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Fashioning the Future: How Tech Brings New Experiences to Consumers and Luxury Brands

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The Drum – by Ward de Kruiff

Fashioning the Future: How Tech Brings New Experiences to Consumers and Luxury Brands

As this year’s Digital Fashion Week gets underway, Ward de Kruiff of EPAM Continuum looks at how emerging tech is reshaping the fashion industry and the luxury brands that make it. Digital fashion is an experience, and how fashion brands communicate their values digitally is as essential as the designs they create.

A new future for fashion is being shaped by intertwining the values digital consumers insist upon (inclusivity, diversity and integrity) with cutting-edge technology. In the next few years, this tech will enable fashion brands to create, on a global scale, all kinds of new luxury digital experiences and marketing opportunities for companies. Increasingly, we can go beyond targeting audiences on centralized platforms and instead build community.

Next stop: hyper-verticalization

Achieving this transformation requires a multidimensional approach that marries advanced technology with these core values, resulting in a tapestry of experiences – a concept I call “hyper-verticalization.” The digital realm offers a unique platform for exploring fashion and creating experiential, tokenized customer engagement. The fashion industry is starting to venture beyond audience targeting on centralized platforms. These brands are building a community using artificial intelligence for hyper-personalization and knitting together fashion, music, gaming, sports and art to connect and communicate in new ways.

In this boom for the gaming industry, fashion is taking center stage. Collaborations between fashion brands and popular games are becoming commonplace. Gamers can now don exclusive virtual outfits, making their avatars runway-ready. This fusion of fashion and gaming creates a new avenue for brands to reach a younger, tech-savvy audience.

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