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Finding the Secret to the Work-Life Balance

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Finding the Secret to the Work-Life Balance

Software engineering is a demanding job. These local leaders are helping their teams find success at work and home.

Burnout. It’s a common pitfall in the fast-paced world of programming. No one is immune — from the rookie software developer to the mid-level web developer to the senior iOS lead. Once burnout sets in, suggested fixes often include asking affected team members to take a sabbatical, giving them less work or offering opportunities to develop new skills. But managers who take preemptive steps to model and promote a healthy work-life balance can keep employees engaged and address burnout before it takes over.   

First, those managers must know how to identify burnout’s causes and symptoms. As we’ve previously defined, factors such as a lack of managerial support, remote work isolation, excessive job demands and poor work relationships often lead to burnout. Its symptoms include frequent absenteeism, lack of participation in social activities and reduced productivity.

Dmytro Seredenko is a vice president at EPAM Systems, Inc., and says he and his peers work to provide all team members with the necessary tools while enabling autonomous decision-making and reducing the number of required meetings. In doing so, they are creating an environment where employees can thrive both at work and at home. Built In met with Seredenko and his counterpart at Xealth to hear more.

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