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Four Ways Organizations Can Stimulate the Fast Learning Approach

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TrainingZone – by Sandra Loughlin

Four Ways Organizations Can Stimulate the Fast Learning Approach

One of the most robust ways organizations can future-proof themselves against rapid technology changes, chaotic supply chains and intensifying customer expectations is by enacting a learning culture.

However, promoting such a culture has its challenges. And while there are various methods and best practices for how brands can adopt a learning culture, a uniquely practical approach is to use fast learning.

Fast learning, better culture

Fast learning is the idea that when given new information, one must effectively and quickly process it and integrate it into their mental model.

Here are four ways organizations can stimulate the fast learning approach which, in turn, will foster an enterprise-wide learning culture.

1. Build room for failure

A fast learning approach recognizes that innovation happens when organizations stretch themselves and try new things.

But, many businesses today design everything from budgeting to metrics so that failure is highly discouraged.

Consider how employees get incentivized and punished – because they are rewarded for success and reprimanded for failure, they’ll never take risks, which ultimately means everyone is encouraged to think inside the box.

Similarly, budgets get designed to be failure-proof because, by definition, failure is money lost.

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