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How Can The Industrial Sector Implement Generative AI?

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Industry Today – by Hari Donthi

How Can The Industrial Sector Implement Generative AI?

Over the past ten-plus years, the hype of Industry 4.0 has gradually come to a slow crawl, with many manufacturing companies needing help to bring to fruition their incredible promises. AI and MI, due to the high data volumes, are not easy to apply in factories – especially for high-speed manufacturing. Other challenges, like the ever-changing patterns and components in factories and setting up stable data pipelines for model training, continue to relegate the vision of Industry 4.0 to the conceptual phase.

Despite these challenges, the opportunities of Industry 4.0, and the problems it will solve, are invaluable. Currently, shop-floor technicians are constantly firefighting and working long, arduous hours. Likewise, factories always want to improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) by eliminating downtime, optimizing end cycle time and reducing scrap. Manufacturers also care deeply about employee training and safety and adhering to industry standards.

Thankfully, due to the emergence of generative AI technologies, the barriers that once blocked Industry 4.0 are crumbling down.

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