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Make it Refashion – Leveraging Technology in this New Era

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JustStyle – by Giorgio DeMarco

Make it Refashion – Leveraging Technology in this New Era

Refashion is by no means a new or novel concept – the period of skepticism is over. In fact, those fashion manufacturers not currently selling pre-loved are missing out on a lucrative and ever-expanding market segment. Today, organizations recognize the practical and sustainable benefits of refashion to resell items, improve profitability, tell new stories, create jobs and cut costs. Likewise, customers are becoming more familiar with refashion, integrating new habits into their shopping routines.

However, as companies enter this more competitive moment, they must differentiate themselves by enhancing customer experience (CX) and optimizing cleaning, repairing and reselling. Of course, every organization has its own distinctive refashion journey. Some brands are pioneers in refashion with profitable peer-to-peer online marketplaces already in place, while others are still looking for the ideal

starting point to get their feet wet.

Regardless of where a company is on its own refashion journey, there are technology solutions and business strategies they can leverage to become more efficient and competitive.

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