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Power of Communities: Encouraging Employee Participation

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Power of Communities: Encouraging Employee Participation

Communities foster a culture of innovation by promoting knowledge sharing, idea generation, and enables employees to stay updated on industry trends

The significance of communities is rapidly growing across enterprises, irrespective of their size. 

Sandeep Joshi, Senior Director, Head of Delivery India at EPAM Systems, shared insights on the importance of encouraging employee participation and community engagement by pursuing diverse interests. 

Find Your Tribe: Pursuing Diverse Interests

Professional tech communities thrive on diverse interests, provided individuals are willing to actively engage and expand their horizons. Both globally and in India, there is no shortage of options to choose from. 

Through hackathons, events, and competitions, tech enthusiasts are pushing the boundaries of engineering through collective efforts and are inspiring ground-breaking solutions. 

Furthermore, such engagement with community activities and events helps employees identify subject matter experts in a company. With this comes the likelihood of quickly locating experts for knowledge transfer necessary for addressing clients’ issues. This leads to faster response time and resolutions, improving organizational performance.

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