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Retrain Engineers to Get the Most from the Cloud

In the News – by Jessica Zimmer

Retrain Engineers to Get the Most from the Cloud

EPAM Systems’ 2023 Cloud Mastery Report shares strategies for engineers.

Engineers start to master the cloud when they work with managers that set cloud-related goals for themselves and their organizations, according to EPAM Systems’ 2023 Cloud Mastery report, titled “From Taming Cloud Complexity to Achieving Cloud Mastery.” EPAM’s survey of over 400 senior Information Technology leaders in the U.S. and the U.K. shows that skilled use of the cloud requires mentorship, practice and determining what tools pair best with the cloud.

Cloud mastery allows engineers to build and deploy applications more quickly, efficiently and securely. It also makes it easier to crunch and store data used in AI and machine learning (ML) algorithms, simulations and other engineering workflows. But it easy to implement.

“Just completing certification programs and updating the course catalog won’t do it,” says Sandra Loughlin, chief learning scientist and global head of Client Learning & Enablement at EPAM. “Engineers and managers need to find out what use of the cloud looks like in practice.”

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Read EPAM Continuum’s Cloud Mastery report to discover what it takes to master the cloud and discover best practices for continuous cloud maturation.