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How Can HR and IT Collaboration Solve the Tech Talent Shortage

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Spiceworks – by Sandra Loughlin, Ph.D.

How Can HR and IT Collaboration Solve the Tech Talent Shortage

Learn how to optimize collaboration to attract, develop, and retain top tech talent.

Dr. Sandra Loughlin, head of learning and talent enablement at EPAM Systems, writes about how HR and IT can unite strengths and perspectives to tackle challenges and foster innovation in talent management.

Collaboration between HR and IT is pivotal in overcoming the tech talent shortage. Organizations can navigate challenges and thrive in the dynamic technological environment by fostering mutual understanding, joint initiatives, and strategic planning, enhancing talent management and overall team member experience.

Despite the surge in tech layoffs last year, finding qualified tech talent for specialized initiatives is challenging for many organizations. This is expected to continue as Gartner foresees a sustained tech talent shortage until at least 2026.

To overcome this hurdle, the collaboration between information technology (IT) and human resources (HR) is essential in hiring and retaining highly skilled employees. And yet, a mere 12% to 19% of people leaders and technology leaders perceive themselves as equal partners in hiring, developing, and retaining technologists. 

The two departments struggle with mutual understanding, particularly concerning decisions about who gets hired—and who takes on the hiring responsibilities—with only 11% of senior leaders in either space expressing satisfaction with their current hiring strategies.

To dissect the challenges ahead for the tech industry, an American company specializing in software engineering services partnered with a global insight-driven research company for a report that spanned nine countries and interviews with 900 senior leaders. The report underscores the prolonged demand for skilled technology professionals while intensifying the urgency for strategic collaboration to bridge a persistent gap between IT and HR. 

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