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The Future of Enterprise: Driving Innovation in Digital Transformation

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theCUBE – by Sead Fadilpasic

The Future of Enterprise: Driving Innovation in Digital Transformation

In today’s rapidly changing environment, both businesses and individuals continually encounter emerging technologies and business agility solutions.

EPAM Systems Inc. is a digital transformation company that has been working with commercetools GmbH for over a decade, with a strong focus on engineering and software. EPAM partnered with commercetools in 2020 to co-found the MACH Alliance to build understanding and appreciation for the MACH paradigm and drive business transformation, according to Tarek Nseir, head of digital, EMEA, at EPAM.

“The M stands for microservices. That’s about making sure that all the capability is componentized and available through these microservices so that you can create interoperability in different ways,” Nseir said. “The A is for API first, meaning that you can connect to everything both at the front and at the back to achieve anything that you need to from a flexibility perspective. The C is about being cloud-native. The H, of course, is headless. And with headless, it gives businesses absolute freedom to innovate in the CX layer without being tied down to one of those more tightly coupled architectures.”

Nseir spoke with theCUBE Research’s Rebecca Knight and Shelly Kramer at the commercetools Elevate event, during an exclusive broadcast on theCUBE, SiliconANGLE Media’s livestreaming studio. They discussed how EPAM and commercetools are driving digital transformation and business agility through their partnership.

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