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Top 30 Women in Marketing: Innovation, Leadership, and Impact

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MarTechView – by Khushbu Raval

Top 30 Women in Marketing: Innovation, Leadership, and Impact

Meet 30 extraordinary women who are redefining marketing! From brand storytelling to data mastery, these leaders are shaping the industry’s future. Join us in celebrating their achievements and building a more inclusive marketing landscape.

The marketing world thrives on the vision and innovation of brilliant minds. This year, we spotlight 30 extraordinary women who are redefining the industry. These leaders aren’t just keeping pace with the ever-changing digital landscape but actively shaping it.

From crafting captivating brand stories to harnessing the power of data, these marketing mavericks drive growth, foster connections, and push the boundaries of what’s possible. Get ready to meet the strategists, storytellers, and digital pioneers in charge of marketing!

This list is a testament to women’s immense talent and leadership potential in marketing. Let’s celebrate their success and join them in building a more inclusive and innovative future for all.

Elaina Shekhter, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer, Epam Systems    

As the Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer of EPAM Systems, Elaina Shekhter integrates functions that influence the company’s strategy, positioning, and global brand. She has held various leadership roles within EPAM, including Global Head of Business Development and Global Head of the Travel and Consumer Business Unit. Shekhter is an advisory board member for the MACH Alliance and actively supports software startups and emerging technology. Her commitment to artificial intelligence and sustainability initiatives drives EPAM’s investment in these areas.