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EPAM Continuum’s Annual 2021 NXT Trends Report Identifies Six Major Currents of Change and the Challenges Facing Businesses in the Coming Year

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EPAM Continuum’s Annual 2021 NXT Trends Report Identifies Six Major Currents of Change and the Challenges Facing Businesses in the Coming Year

The 2021 NXT Trends Report pairs next year’s most pressing concerns with perspectives and insights to help organizations explore new solutions and paths forward

NEWTOWN, PA., NOV. 30, 2020 – EPAM Continuum, the integrated business, experience, technology and data consulting practice of EPAM Systems, Inc. (NYSE: EPAM), today announced the release of the 2021 NXT Trends report. Compiled by EPAM Continuum’s trends research group NXT, this year’s report identifies six big global currents of change and connects them to the on-the-ground choices facing businesses in the coming year—a powerful tool for strategic leadership and long-term thinking.

“At their most powerful, trends help us understand the broad context behind the pressing problems challenging markets and industries today,” says Chris Michaud, VP and Head of Innovation & Design Consulting at EPAM Continuum. “To unearth those that are most relevant, we brought together our experts across industry verticals and our offices around the world—from Shanghai to St. Petersburg to Boston. Diving deep into the data and analyzing the conversations and attitudes, we surfaced the ones that have the momentum to shape the market in 2021. These trends we focused on aren’t just new and interesting. They are the ones that are challenging and disrupting markets. The ones important to organizations either seeking, or already embarking upon, a transformation effort. A path forward.”

One of the defining themes of the current era is the way its major forces—like mobile technology, globalization, or secularization—connect people more widely than ever before but at the same time drive them apart. With that said, the six major trends and 13 strategic viewpoints presented in the 2021 NXT Trends report are all about connection in its many forms—through community, between technologies, to home—and also about the impacts of loneliness, migration, and inequity. 

  1. Digital Communities and the Future of the Internet - The changing dynamics of digital communities reminds us the internet is still young.
  2. Interoperability and the Future of Disruption - Technology can’t solve the world’s problems by going around them.
  3. Work and the Future of Life, Business, and Everything - The pandemic added fuel to a growing labor movement, with no easy answers for businesses. 
  4. Loneliness and the Future of Public Health - Psychologists say we’ll forget the pandemic when it’s over, but in the meantime, everyone is stressed.
  5. Localization and the Future of the Global Economy - Globalization is looking less and less like a free and open market.
  6. Migration and the Future of Cities - The pandemic and climate change are shifting demographics and forcing cities to choose between rebuilding and evolving.

“The tension between interconnection and division is inarguably a characteristic of the pandemic,” adds Chris. “But it is important to remember we have been here before. Over the centuries, illnesses and pandemics, as well as natural disasters and wars, have forced societies to move forward in unforeseen ways. Today, we are far more empowered with more data and insight to not only make better decisions but also innovate for the greater good.”

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