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EPAM is honored to be a part of many different communities. We are active in the cities where we live and work, in the tech communities where our employees hone their skills and share knowledge, and in the global social responsibility communities where we interact with our partners and work together to act for good.

We pursue an open exchange
of ideas and knowledge

and are inspired to come together to use social innovation to problem-solve for local and global communities.


EPAM pledges to empower an additional 5,000 students with high tech skills and global opportunities by 2025.

Community Events

When we come together with community members and leaders, we unlock the potential of social innovation and jumpstart collaboration to provide solutions to local and global needs.

We are also proud to sponsor a variety of technology-related events and initiatives for communities, such as Women in Tech to help offset the industry-wide gender imbalance and Children in Tech to encourage education opportunities for the next generation of innovators, as well as local cities who seek to disrupt for good. Hosting and sponsoring community events allows EPAM to be a partner for communities that look to social innovation to address their challenges and empower them with our global impact.


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EPAM Empowers Young Coders and Creators for Coolest Projects 2021



Community Impact

EPAM Empowers Young Coders and Creators for Coolest Projects 2021

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