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We act for good in the communities where we live and work by empowering students through the power of knowledge. Our commitment to supporting initiatives that serve underrepresented communities ensures we can help to provide learning opportunities for all. We use holistic education programs to share our highly skilled technical knowledge for the future. Just as we relentlessly pursue the best solution for our customers, our employees strive to make a difference in the lives of our students – the future tech leaders – by providing education, skills training and career experiences across our global locations. 

EPAMers have dedicated more than 750,000 hours for mentorship, training and teaching.

EPAM is the proud recipient of the 2018 Global SDG Award for Global Education, which highlights our leadership in advancing the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda through our investments in educational programs and career development. 


Our global EPAM E-Kids program encourages young children ages 8 to 12 to explore software engineering, develop skills and proficiencies, and pursue lifelong learning. EPAM E-Kids provides a fun environment to learn gaming, animation and coding through close mentoring and hands-on challenges provided by the MIT-designed Scratch platform, a global community of coders. By sharing our knowledge and expertise with younger generations, we are investing in their potential to engineer the future alongside EPAM. 

Our EPAM E-Kids program was named a Silver winner in the CSR Program of the Year category in Best in Biz Awards 2019 International. We are proud that the global efforts of our EPAM volunteers were recognized for their commitment to community youth education and their dedication to providing young students in technology with the tools they need to succeed. 

Making a global impact with our education initiative and programs







This Volunteers' Week, we hear from Nagaraj Talapady

EPAM’s Nagaraj Talapady discusses volunteering for Apps for Good where he was a part of a panel that helped review student projects and provide feedback.


Playing with LEGO® blocks has been connecting generations for decades, providing opportunities for endless creativity. Given technological advances, today whatever you can build, you can code as well! The FIRST® LEGO® League Challenge brings together kids who are interested in just that, and EPAM Hungary had the honor to be a part of one of the country's finals.

EPAM Empowers Young Coders and Creators for Coolest Projects 2021

Watch EPAM, Liberty Global & Virgin Media executives discuss how Raspberry Pi’s Coolest Projects showcase is empowering youth to shape our future.Watch EPAM, Liberty Global & Virgin Media executives discuss how Raspberry Pi’s Coolest Projects showcase is empowering youth to shape our future.


“We really appreciate how EPAM has mobilized people in support of Scratch. We really need partners like EPAM in order to fulfill our shared vision for providing creative-learning opportunities for children around the world.”
Mitchel Resnick

LEGO Papert Professor of Learning Research, Director of the Okawa Center, and Director of the Lifelong Kindergarten group at the MIT Media Lab


Students in Belarus who complete their involvement in EPAM E-Kids at age 12 can move on to EPAM E-Kids Garage, which strengthens the advanced programming skills of exceptional students until the age of 16. These high-achieving students engage in continued development and learning as they prepare to enter college or university to study computer sciences. EPAM mentors provide mathematics, programming, robotics, logic and presentation skills development and create immersive and inclusive experiences that encourage students to think about how their creativity can impact their communities. 


We started our University Program in 2004 to equip college and university students with the competitive skills they need to contribute to the global IT sector after graduation. Our sponsored curriculum guides students in developing forward-thinking technology skills with a global perspective that they will use to solve some of the world’s most pressing issues. Through cutting-edge, industry-relevant training, we are contributing to diverse IT programs globally by developing students’ passion for pursuing excellence so they can lead the future of tech for the world – and everyone in it.


Our education partnerships form long-lasting positive relationships with students and the communities where they live and learn. When we identify an education partner, our ‘train-the-trainer’ approach seeks to create sustainable knowledge-sharing. We provide expert technology consulting to add value to their curriculum, and learn from our partners’ expertise in connecting with students and teachers with different needs so we can continue to act for good in new ways. 


Our work with the Scratch Foundation has not only been instrumental in the creation of our EPAM E-Kids program – it’s also given EPAM the honor of being a champion for the foundation’s mission to ensure that Scratch is free for kids to express their ideas through coding. As a sponsor of annual Scratch conferences around the world, EPAM and Scratch work together to support teachers, education professionals and volunteers, like our own employees, in their quest to collaborate and learn from each other. With Scratch, EPAM can make coding and computing education fun and engaging for young students, all while laying the groundwork for the future’s tech leaders to develop skills and knowledge they can use for the good of the world.


We partnered with Science Buddies, an organization that supports science educators and students in providing accessible, sustainable lesson planning and science curriculum. We were challenged to devise a lesson plan where students could learn engineering basics with readily available classroom resources, which are vital for classes and schools that may be under-resourced. By partnering with Science Buddies to realize their goal of providing sound teaching resources so students everywhere can maximize their learning, EPAM’s lesson plan reached nearly 7,600 students in 2019. With key partners like Science Buddies, we strengthen our commitment to providing tech education to all, regardless of access and privilege.


Our support of Apps for Good inspires students to build mobile apps and IoT products that solve problems in their daily lives. Apps for Good provides free courses to help students in the UK prepare to thrive in a future tech-driven workforce. EPAMers join students in their classes to offer mentorship and real-world experience in building and marketing technology solutions. The guidance of our volunteers empowers students to grow their problem-solving abilities and communication skills to unlock their career potential as they join the new digital economy. 


Hopeworks provides a safe, healing space for underprivileged youth to grow technology skills. Their nonprofit development center helps students build strong future careers and break the cycle of poverty and violence in Camden, New Jersey, USA. Through the trauma-informed training that Hopeworks provides to EPAM volunteers, we help their students overcome difficulties in realizing their potential. We consult with Hopeworks’ educators to provide in-depth industry knowledge, host hackathons and help turn young people with ambition into true technologists so they can work for good in their community. 


We impact a diverse population of students through our global education initiatives. Our programs reach socioeconomic-, neurologic- and age-diverse students to provide education opportunities for all, and our partnerships with community leaders help us develop a greater understanding of how to provide value to children and adolescents inspired by technology.