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Intelligent Chatbots Summit 2020

16-17 Jun 2020


Principle, Technology Consulting, EPAM

Senior Manager, Business Consulting, EPAM

Intelligent Chatbot Summit 2020 brings together leading practitioners from across Asia to showcase best practices and key learnings on chatbot fundamentals and deployment, maximizing sales and marketing, and driving customer loyalty and enterprise productivity.

EPAM’s Pavel Gimelberg, Principle, Technology Consulting, will be participating in two roundtables at the online event.

The first roundtable explores use cases for intelligent chatbots and how they can increase operational efficiency, provide 24/7 support and bring additional revenue. In the second, speakers will discuss how to effectively implement intelligent chatbots to personalize customer services and the potential challenges that businesses might face. 

Stay tuned for more details coming soon!

Information from the organizer.

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