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Webinar: Repurposing Your Content for all Channels

14 May 2020


Sitecore Content Hub Specialist EMEA, 

Senior Retail Strategist, Head of PIM/DAM Competency, EPAM

The current market has disrupted traditional content channels, making it more important than ever for  brands to invest in content and platforms that can work across any channel. Brands who still have rely on channel-specific solutions will be impacted as routes to market become unavailable or user attention is diverted elsewhere.  

The first challenge is for brands to create a consistent story across multiple channels. The second challenge is for brands to consider where users’ attention will flow next. Are you set up to maximize opportunities and quickly pivot to leverage another channel?

In a webinar hosted by Henry Stewart, attendees will hear from two industry experts from Sitecore and EPAM and walk away with insights on how to set up an ‘all channel’ strategy, how to achieve metadata readiness for omichannel marketing and how to repurpose and optimize content for increased ROI.

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