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Webinar: Sustain Your Competitive Advantage Through IoT-driven Innovation

15 Jul 2020
3:30pm GMT


Director, Account Management, EPAM

CEO, Waylay 

In today’s digital age, enterprises need to be proactive in countering competitor innovation, supplier channel disruption, increased customer choice and new complementary offerings. This is why it’s key to reinvent yourself and bring new offers and services that will not only keep but increase your competitive advantage.

Developing new business services within the existing supply chain is easier than ever before, with available IoT technologies.

Discover how in this live webinar.


  • Introduction (topic, speakers) (3 min.)
  • Alfons Marquez, Business Development & Account Executive, EPAM (20 min.). “Industry is transforming - how are market players keeping relevant? New solutions and business models to stay competitive with IoT.”
  • Piet Vandaele, CEO and Co-founder of Waylay (20 min.) “Bridging operational and informational technologies is essential to IIoT-driven innovation. What is the software tool-box of industrial digital innovators today?’
  • Q&A (10’)

You can register for the upcoming webinar here.

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