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Get Ready for Blockchain Z-Days 2021!

June 14-18, 2021



Alexandra Pitkevich
Principal, Business Consulting, EPAM

Govind Shukla
Lead Business Analyst, EPAM 

Dmytro Ivanenko
Security Systems Engineer, EPAM

Ilya Gorelik
VP of Real-Time Computing Lab , EPAM

Luis Mastrangelo
Senior Software Engineer, EPAM

Edward Ruvinski
Senior Business Analyst, EPAM

Nadzeya Kharoshka
Business Analyst, EPAM

Eduard Budniak
Software Engineer, EPAM

Andrey Shleger
Lead Software Engineer, EPAM

Zahhar Kirillov
Project Manager, EPAM

  • Where is blockchain most applicable in your business?  
  • What are the biggest technology trends in blockchain today?  
  • How will blockchain technology affect our future?  
  • Where is the crypto community heading?

Blockchain Z-Days 2021is a global community-driven online conference where we discover cutting-edge technologies from more than 20 worldwide speakers who share their industry knowledge and real-life experiences. 

New original research and case studies will be presented by Viktor Winschel, Chuck Bogorad (TON Labs), Aleksandr Belenov (Norilsk Nickel), Matt Lockyer (NEAR Blockchain), Denis Stark (Biblosphere), Sasha Pitkevich (EPAM) and many more business and technology experts and professional researchers.

Who attends?

Blockchain Z-Days 2021 attendees are CTOs, Heads of Innovation and Technology, IT Directors, Developers, Security Experts, Technology Providers, Investors, Startup Founders and more.

Topics covered

The Blockchain Z-Days 2021 Conference agenda will present a series of expert keynotes, interactive panel discussions and solution-based case studies. 

Blockchain for Business: Blockchain industrial challenges and opportunities; blockchain ideals with practicality; enterprise blockchain and financial services; new applications for blockchain; digital wallets; coin exchange and token economy. 

Blockchain Technology Dive: Distributed consensus and fault tolerance algorithms; transaction monitoring and analysis; security; privacy; attacks; forensics; distributed database technologies for blockchain; blockchain platforms; protocols and tools and decentralized app development. 

Building a Blockchain Ecosystem: Government and blockchain adoption; building a blockchain community; blockchain education; blockchain ecosystem and public blockchain solutions.

Blockchain Z-Days 2021 activities

14.06.2021 - Business Day 

15.06.2021 - Technology Day 

16.06.2021 - Vendors Day and Blockchain Hackathon 

17.06.2021 - Community Day 

18.06.2021 - Hackathon Award Ceremony  


June 14-18, 2021

Get Ready for Blockchain Z-Days 2021!