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The Power of Content Consolidation: Reduce Cost, Mitigate Risk & Maximize Value

31 Mar 2021
Digital Event
12:00 PM ET


Head of PIM/DAM Competency, EPAM

Solution Architect, EPAM

When content and digital assets live across multiple systems, issues such as lack of content, findability and reusability often occur. Yet, stitching together the systems, data and processes needed to manage content creation and delivery at scale across channels is a daunting task. Not only can this disrupt your customer experience and limit your market impact but doing so will incur a very high cost!

In 2021, the key is to do more with less by maximizing the content you create and finding new ways to create content more efficiently.

While the notion of a ‘content hub’ is fairly new, it’s gaining traction fast as we move into the next content revolution. Join our webinar to learn how leading brands are leveraging content hubs to:

  • Provide a collaborative environment for content development across the organization
  • Drive content findability and reusability across channels
  • Reduce costs through technology and content consolidation

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