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EPAM + Contentful

EPAM and Contentful work closely together to help our clients innovate digital experiences, achieve faster time-to-market and reduce development costs. 


Of Our Contentful Engineers are Certified

MACH Alliance

Members with Contentful:
Working Together to Accelerate Digital Experiences

In-House Education Program for Engineers

Keeps Our Experts Up-to-Date on the Contentful Platform

The digital-first era is driven by escalating customer demand for digital experiences. EPAM is on the forefront of helping its customers create and deliver digital, with Contentful’s content platform at the core.

Kevin Zellmez

Vice President, Partnerships, Contentful

Industry Focus

Financial Services

Transforming Your Business for the Digital-First Era

EPAM uses Contentful to launch new sites quickly, reuse content between sites and display content on websites, mobile apps, IoT devices, digital signage, VR and AR experiences, and more. EPAM can accelerate your business with Contentful in a number of ways:


Structured Content

  • Flexible: create content as components that can be reused and re-purposed across products, channels and teams
  • Decoupled content: build unique customer experiences
  • Cloud based: connect with other platforms and services
  • Composable: adopt new features as you grow
  • Scales confidently on an enterprise-tested platform

Agile Workflows

  • Contentful was born agile and built to integrate with software delivery pipelines, developer environments and automation
  • It changes with your software and workflows
  • It lets you iterate and experiment fast inside your software delivery pipeline

Our Commitment to MACH

  • Strong relationships across the MACH ecosystem with historical partnerships
  • Track-record of creating MACH strategies for clients across multiple situations (green field, transformation and augmentation)
  • Successful delivery of MACH solutions to clients over the last three years
  • Our deep engineering experience creates a de-risked approach to MACH architectures that work well with existing enterprise systems
  • Founding member of the MACH Alliance

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