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Moving Rituals to a MACH Architecture

How we helped the eCommerce leader enhance its digital platforms

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  • Salesforce
  • Contentful


  • MACH
  • Engineering


  • Retail
  • Consumer

Rituals Cosmetics is a brand dedicated to sustainable and personal wellbeing in the beauty luxury industry. Raymond Cloosterman founded Rituals in 2000 with a mission to transform daily routines into meaningful moments. Today, the B Corp brand has more than 1,000 of its own stores and over 3,000 shop-in-shops in more than 36 countries, with a turnover of 1.4 billion euros.

Rituals wanted to increase performance of its digital platforms to create an indulgent experience for customers. The company turned to longstanding partner Emakina, an EPAM company*, for help in moving away from its monolith architecture to a more flexible solution. Together, we helped design and build a MACH architecture leveraging Salesforce and Contentful that provides the agility, scalability and composability the eCommerce leader required.

*This work was completed by Emakina, an EPAM company.