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Adaptive Automotive

For years, the automotive industry has been evolving into a software-first mindset. In the current market, however, the timeline for digitization has drastically accelerated and the need to build an adaptive organization has taken center stage.

With such a rapidly shifting market, automakers already on their transformation journey are left wondering: “Where do we stand today?”

During the panel discussion, we explore the answer to this question and discuss what it takes to build an adaptive enterprise today. Discussion points include:

  • What does the call for adaptivity really mean for automotive?
  • Do you need to adopt an adaptive software platform vision?
  • What are the main challenges of pivoting to an adaptive model?
  • What is the role of new technology in this space?
  • How do you bring the transformation to life?

The panel of experts include:

Vlado Koljibabic

Head of Cloud Mobility, Daimler AG

Vlado Koljibabic, Head of Mercedes-Benz Cloud Mobility, has led a number of successful initiatives as Head of CASE IT (Connected, Autonomous, Shared & Services, Electric) at Daimler throughout his career. Over the years, he has successfully promoted several partnerships with tech start-ups.

Shinichi Yoshioka

Senior Vice President & CTO, Renesas Electronics Corp

Mr. Yoshioka serves as the Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Renesas. He was appointed this role in August 2019 due to his experience and technological expertise of the products and the market following the years he has dedicated to Renesas. Prior to his appointment as the CTO, Mr. Yoshioka was also the Chief Technology Officer of Automotive Solution Business Unit in 2018, contributing to the growth of the Automotive Business for Renesas Electronics.

Mr. Yoshioka has a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Applied Physics from the University of Tokyo and graduated from Stanford University with a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering.

Peter-Paul Houtman


With more than 20 years in the Software Development industry and as the current Chief Technology Officer of PARK NOW Group, Peter-Paul Houtman has held senior leadership positions focused on building and improving technology teams at scale in international environments, with expertise in Software Engineering, Cloud Operations and Business IT.

Vladi Ruppo

VP, GDO Office, EPAM Systems

Vladi has more than 30 years of experience in setting up, scaling up, transforming and boosting the performance of software organizations. He started and scaled Cisco Video Technologies in India from 0 to 2,000+ engineers, led a transformation program with 80 million paying customers, and established EngX 360 Transformation Labs to help customers measurably enhance business outcomes via improving their operating model and engineering culture.

Elaina Shekhter

CMO & Head of Strategy, EPAM Systems (Moderator)

Ms. Shekhter heads up EPAM’s Global Marketing and Strategy, working to integrate a variety of functions that have a material influence on the company’s global strategy, positioning and messaging. She has held a number of leadership roles within EPAM, including most recently as the Global Head of Business Development and, prior to that, as the Global Head of the Travel and Consumer business. Ms. Shekhter is an advisory board member for the MACH Alliance, a group of independent tech companies dedicated to open, best-of-breed ecosystems. She is active in the software startup and emerging technology community, representing EPAM in its investment in the Go Philly Fund—to support regional venture funding for seed and early stage companies—and as a board member of the recent EPAM seed investment, SigmaLedger. Additionally, Ms. Shekhter takes a special interest in artificial intelligence and sustainability initiatives. 


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