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A Deep Dive into Java’s Journey and its Integration with Other Platforms

While Java is frequently used and over the years has kept up with the latest innovative trends, its future and longevity is speculated each year. Larisa Bugnar, Lead Software Engineer at EPAM, dives deep into the evolution, future, and adaptability of Java during Bucharest Tech Week. This article was first published in their blog

Among all programmers worldwide, approximately 35% are Java developers. Long-term support versions and a passionate community have highly contributed to Java’s success over the years. Not only did it focus on providing stable versions, but it has looked at future challenges and continuously provided options for cloud, big data, AI, and IoT to facilitate the development of applications.

Let’s find out the top highlights: 

  1. Are you going Cloud?
  2. Is Java Big Data?
  3. Afraid of AI?
  4. IoT – Internet of Things

Although it’s impossible to predict the future, Java seems to find its place in evolving trends from big data to cloud, AI, and IoT. With all the new developments happening in Java, it’s safe to say that this programming language will remain an important player in the tech world. 

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