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Navigating the Capital Markets with EPAM Spain

Navigating the Capital Markets with EPAM Spain: Embracing the Challenges of Working in a Complex and Rapidly Changing Domain 

Meet María Victoria Lago, a Lead Business Analyst from EPAM Spain.

With over a decade of experience in the capital markets and an adventurous relocation journey, Victoria's career path is as captivating as it is inspiring. Now, in her pivotal role at EPAM Spain, she leads a market data team serving a prominent hedge fund client.

Combining a passion for tech and data

Ever since Victoria was a kid, she loved being around computers, often finding herself as the “tech expert” in the family. Inspired by a love of computers, she worked as a trainee COBOL developer for a large international bank while at university, thus launching her professional tech career. From there, she followed her passion to another bank, where she broadened her experience and developed an interest in data analysis and decision-making. This path ultimately led Victoria to her current career as a business analyst. 

“My academic achievements laid the foundation for my career,” shares Victoria. “With a degree in Systems Engineering, a postgraduate course in Data Science, and a Master's in Quantitative Finance, I've spent over 12 years in investment banking, taking up a variety of Business Analyst roles.”

Discovering a dream destination in Spain

Born in Argentina, Victoria was charmed by Spain during her visits, and ultimately decided to make it her new home one day.

“The quality of life in Málaga, with its cosmopolitan vibe, multicultural community and breathtaking beaches, was too compelling to resist,” recalls Victoria. “Moreover, being a rapidly growing city, Málaga offers many activities and diverse experiences.”

Victoria’s move to Málaga was sparked by an opportunity extended by EPAM Spain in 2021. EPAM invited her to join a project for a major hedge fund as a Senior Business Analyst and facilitated a smooth relocation process. Today, Victoria has progressed to a Lead Business Analyst with the same project and continues to enjoy life in Spain.

Embracing new horizons with EPAM

When a London-based hedge fund with billions of dollars in assets and diverse trading strategies sought our guidance, we were excited to partner with them as our client. 

Being a Lead Business Analyst for the project with this client, Victoria enjoys a diverse mix of tasks: apart from data analysis, she gets a chance to dive into Python development as well as undertake leadership and project management tasks. This intriguing mix of responsibilities challenges her and ensures there's never a dull day. 

“A big part of being a good business analyst is engaging with others and challenging them to think differently to be able to do things in a more efficient way,” comments Victoria. “EPAM’s role in the project is unique; we don't simply develop solutions but function as an integral part of the hedge fund’s market data team.”

Victoria’s duties as a Business Analyst entail providing business-as-usual support and delivering data analysis and automation-related projects — essentially addressing a wide spectrum of the client’s needs.

Navigating a complex project with agility

The capital markets sector is a labyrinth of complexity, requiring swift adaptability as conditions can shift in a moment. Victoria’s team's primary challenge was attending to crucial issues during market hours. This required them to be more proactive by creating procedures and documentation and building a more versatile team.

To facilitate smooth operation, the project team at EPAM emphasizes personal interaction. This is why Victoria and her colleagues are based out of Málaga and work from the office four days a week, and remotely once a week. 

Victoria believes in keeping the team lean and highly skilled, emphasizing quality over quantity. When growing her team, Victoria ensures each candidate has knowledge in the capital market domain, a positive attitude to face uncertainty and complexity, and technical skills to succeed. Candidates can anticipate client interviews to find out if the client and project match their professional goals, plus Python coding tasks to ensure skill levels are harmonious with the team’s expectations.

Relocate to Spain and join our team

From a childhood passion to a full-fledged career and continental move, Victoria’s professional career has been nothing short of an adventure.

There is excitement in finding new solutions for a billion-dollar client’s wide spectrum of needs, plus working with a tight-knit team ensures the opportunity to grow alongside talented teammates. 

If you are looking for your next adventure and Victoria’s story inspires you, we can’t wait to meet you. We are currently seeking a Market Data Analyst to join our growing team in Spain. Apply today: Market Data Analyst (Capital Market)