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Relocate to Armenia with EPAM

Be part of our growth story in Armenia! We welcome talented IT professionals who want to innovate solutions for digital challenges, partner with colleagues worldwide and experience a flexible working environment.


Armenia is full of great opportunities for adventure, outdoor lifestyle and constant personal and professional development. The country has a growing IT community where you will have access to tech events, professional conferences and more. With warm hospitality, an affordable cost of living, and majestic mountains, Armenia is a nice place to live for ambitious IT experts!

Welcoming environment for expats

No need to worry about a language barrier – locals usually speak at least two languages. It makes the transition smooth. Plus, no visa is needed to enter or stay in the country.

Rich history and culture

Armenia is home to one of the world's earliest civilizations. The country’s ancient cultural heritage is a wealth of historical churches, monasteries, monuments and more.

Stunning nature

It’s a place to discover and draw inspiration from. Towns of unique beauty hidden in the hills will make your heart skip a beat. The country contains magnificent landscapes, gorgeous waterfalls and lakes, stunning forests and mountains.

Pure natural water

Enjoy clean and tasty water which comes from purely natural sources. You can always find small fountains with drinking water all around the cities, and its quality meets international standards.

Sunny climate

Located between Asia and Europe, the country has various climates, ranging from dry sub-tropical and temperate continental climates to cold mountain weather. Nevertheless, Armenia has over 300 sunny days a year and mild winters.

Food and gastronomy

Delicious vegetables, fresh meat and fish, juicy fruits combine in Armenian recipes. There are various national dishes in unique cafes and restaurants hidden in the picturesque lanes of cities.

Safety and affordability

Armenia has a low rate of crime and street violence. Expats are welcomed with the cost of living that is 1.28 times less expensive than the world average.


At EPAM, we collaborate with our clients to provide engaging, award-winning technology solutions across our capabilities in advanced technology, intelligent enterprise, and core engineering. By joining our team, you will enhance your current capabilities and expand your engineering knowledge.

Travel & relocation support

Learn in detail about relocation programs for you and your family members within EPAM offices in 50+ countries.

Flexible & remote work options

Experience our flexible working arrangements with the option to work from the office or remotely from any location across Armenia.

Projects for global leaders 

Change projects and industries, all while staying with the same company. You will have the ability to join dozens of ambitious projects at EPAM.

Career development opportunities 

Create a personalized career development plan and receive regular feedback as part of our performance review cycle.

Extensive learning programs

Boost your knowledge with certification programs, personalized mentorship, and 17,000+ courses to develop your hard and soft skills.


Ekaterina Sveshnikova

Software Testing Manager

Relocating to EPAM Armenia has given me an excellent opportunity to participate in global initiatives and activities. The country is well known for its hospitality, but I can say that the Armenian community is also the most supportive I have ever seen. There are a lot of new openings, one of which is that I still can't stop admiring the view of the mountains every time I see them on the horizon. The great bonus of living in Armenia!

Fedor Spiridonov

Software Engineer

After several months of traveling around different countries, I realized I wanted to relocate permanently to Armenia. I like the Armenians' hospitality, friendliness, and willingness to help. I don't remember being treated so well anywhere else in the world. I was surprised and pleased by the excellent penetration of my native - Russian - language into the local culture. I like the big comfortable office full of friendly people. I am happy that, by lucky chance, I came here eight months ago and that eight months later, I work here in EPAM Armenia.

Ekaterina Poberezkina

Senior People Advisory Specialist

My path at EPAM began almost four years ago, and I decided to relocate to Armenia only recently. I enjoy living here, and often think about my good choice of location. Amazing people, delicious food, great weather and breath-taking nature. What else do you need? If you have never been to Armenia, you must visit it!



Gain exposure to new cultures and opportunities


Get relocation-related documentation assistance


Receive transport, logistics, and onboarding support


Work with market-leading clients on exciting projects


Join EPAM’s friendly team in Armenia


Have questions?

If you're curious to learn more about our projects in Armenia and our relocation opportunities, please contact us, and we'll follow up with you shortly.

Principal Recruiter


Have questions?

If you're curious to learn more about our projects in Armenia and our relocation opportunities, please contact us, and we'll follow up with you shortly.


Principal Recruiter


Learn more about EPAM in Armenia and our current job opportunities.