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In the US, success is celebrated, and positivity is a way of life. You’ll find friendly and welcoming people, a high standard of education and schooling, and a land full of beautiful nature and landscapes — whether you want to see mountains ranges, coastlines and lakes, or the 58 different National Parks. Food is also taken seriously here, so you’ll find something for every taste and appetite.

Los Angeles

The always-sunny and sprawling city is situated between mountains and the Pacific Ocean. It’s one of the most diverse cities in the US and a cultural hub with more than 100 museums.

San Francisco

This hilly city is known for its cable cars, waterfront, Golden Gate Bridge and nearby wineries. With neighboring Silicon Valley, it’s the world’s capital for technology companies and start-ups.

New York

The ‘Big Apple’ is a city full of famous landmarks, a true melting pot of cultures, languages and food, and the economic capital of the world.


The largest city in the Midwest, the Windy City of Chicago is a passionate sports town. Be ready for distinct seasons, deep-dish pizza and enjoying life next to the Great Lakes.

Washington D.C.

The nation’s capital, this is a city full of history. It manages to blend a cosmopolitan and small-town feel, plus has plenty of green, outdoor spaces that are perfect for cycling and hiking.


One of the fastest growing cities in the US, Seattle has grown into a tech hub. If you enjoy great coffee in the morning and a local craft beer in the evening, the ‘Emerald City’ could be the place for you.


With a smaller-town feel, this is a creative and collaborative city blossoming with art and culture. A bike-friendly place to get around, it’s known for its live music and festivals, food trucks, and craft breweries.


Dallas is home to five professional sports teams, the most restaurants per capita in the US, and the annual State Fair of Texas. It’s recognized as a corporate powerhouse and home to 20+ Fortune 500 company headquarters.

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EPAM is hiring across the USA.

How EPAM Supports Relocation

Relocation-related documentation support
Consulate visit logistics support
Relocation Logistics & Financial Support
Accommodation support


Halina Bezabrazava

Senior Software Engineer 

I was always eager to travel, so relocating to a new country was something that I was interested in from a personal and professional perspective. I expressed an interest and EPAM provided me with tremendous support and detailed guidance. The EPAM Relocation team really helped me: I had a comfortable place to live and didn’t have to panic to find an apartment right away. I had just enough time to meet my new team, settle in, explore the city and get used to the idea of calling it my new home.

Adam Łukaszczyk 

Project Manager

When I was offered a position at EPAM, my wife and I were thrilled to hear we had the opportunity to relocate. Getting a permit to work in the US is not the easiest process, but EPAM’s Global Relocation department took care of everything and helped me throughout the process. It has been a big step for my family and me, but I definitely recommend it for anyone passionate about software engineering. Cheers from the New York EPAM Systems team!

Humberto Noriega

Lead Software Test Automation Engineer

Relocating to the US has given me a competitive advantage in my career. I have had the opportunity to coordinate and lead teams from a new country, plus I’ve gained experience working with and understanding a wider variety of clients. Also, I’ve been able to learn about different cultures and I believe that’s an important perspective for everyone to have. 



Exposure to new cultures and opportunities


Visa and work permit assistance


One-way ticket for employee and employee's family, transportation assistance, temporary housing, onboarding support


Innovative projects with market-leading customers, collaborative environment, corporate benefits


Have questions?

EPAM has a dedicated relocation team available to help start your journey immediately. A specialist will address all inquiries within 24 hours.

Senior Program Manager


Have questions?

EPAM has a dedicated relocation team available to help start your journey immediately. A specialist will address all inquiries within 24 hours.


Senior Program Manager