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Why Ruby?

Ruby Practice at EPAM offers countless opportunities for experienced engineers: international projects, various communities, engineering events and non-stop education – all that and more helps to pave an exciting career path.



Lead Software Engineer

“Since 2017, I have been working on a fintech project, and there I grew from a Software Engineer to a Team Leader. On my journey I faced challenges, but they helped to develop my expertise, creativity, and soft skills. It is easy for me to go above and beyond engineering, grow with all training, conferences, and other EPAM activities and widen my horizons.”



Software Engineer

“I believe that if you resonate with the project and team, the job will always be bringing you joy. Being a Software Engineer on a UK-based project, I had a chance to work inside a well-established engineering culture. It was a truly unique experience. Because I grew professionally and moved to another country, I had to switch teams, which was quite of a challenge. Adapting to new conditions wasn’t easy, but I’m grateful to my managers and fellow colleagues who helped me to stay on track,”



Lead Software Engineer

“There are more than 20 teams on my current project, one of which I lead. For four years of being with EPAM, I had a chance to organize training for engineers who have decided to discover the path to Ruby, just as I once did. The most exciting part is to observe how a person expands his borders of knowledge and transforms into a junior developer within a relatively short period of time. I’m grateful for getting the support I needed – now the training thrives, and our team educates dozens of students every year, offering jobs to the best.”

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Project for a UK Leader in retirement savings management

Our team is developing a platform that automates pension enrolment for employees. Its geography is expanding and now we are reaching new markets in Emirates and Ireland. We are looking for people who will help us to reach horizons beyond.

Technology stack: Redis, Kafka, MySQL, Sidekiq, Scrumban, JIRA, Postman, Docker, Heroku, Ruby 3, Ruby on Rails 6, Amazon Aurora, Amazon S3, Shopify/liquid, DataDog, Ember, Semaphore, GitHub, Cypress.



Project for an international insurance company

Our client offers a best-in-class online insurance shopping experience. EPAM’s mission is to make insurance easier, cheaper, and for everyone. We combine web technology with data science models to make intelligent decisions. The team is interested in engineers to take UX many steps further with full E2E ownership. 

Technology stack: Ruby on Rails 6, Ruby 2.7.5, Minitest, Rest API, OpenAPI, PostgreSQL, Redis, Sidekiq, Rubocop.



Project for an American biotechnology company

Daily, our client saves lives through genetic modifications, creating antibodies for COVID, cancer, asthma, and others. To help rescue more people, we aim to speed up the clinical cycle by creating services with fast search, and strong management of big data lakes. We are looking for engineers experienced with Ruby on Rails, Angular 4, MongoDB. 

Technology stack: index bases, Ruby, Python, AWS, Ansible, Angular, MongoDB, GIT/JIRA/BitBucket/Jenkins.

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Flexible working scheme

  • From the office 

  • From home

  • Hybrid format 

Rubyl'nik Community

Rubyl’nik is an independent engineering community united by a common passion for Ruby. We are actively developing an engineering culture and sharing the knowledge we gained at the most challenging projects.  

Inside the community, you'll boost your skills and learn the best engineering practices from our talented members. We believe that networking and proper support is what both junior and senior engineers need for growth, and we are ready to give it all.

 Both EPAMers and non-EPAMers are welcome to join us and recommend the community to fellow engineers. Learn more about Rubyl'nik below.

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