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Global Head of Sitecore Competency, EPAM 

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Today, consumers expect a compelling experience everywhere they shop from. Seamless, omnichannel interactions are the new normal. And these experiences need to be personal. The focus is on appealing to potential customers wherever they are based on data. This requires a new set of agile and resilient, yet flexible, tools.

Additionally, there is now a greater need for brands to pick their own solutions from channel engagement to transaction, fulfillment and point of sale — and integrate new tech systems in a modular fashion. The aim is to future-proof digital experiences by swapping, in and out, new tools at speed and as needed. This requires an agile technology stack that doesn’t break the bank to change.

Sitecore’s composable architecture gives you the power, agility and flexibility to meet today’s ever-increasing consumer demands and future-proof digital experiences. Download the eBook to learn more.

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