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How We Do It

We deliver business and technology transformation from start to finish, leveraging agile methodologies, proven customer collaboration frameworks, engineering excellence tools, hybrid teams and our award-winning proprietary global delivery platform.


Agile Product Engineering is at our Core

With over two decades of commercial software product engineering expertise and more than 12 years of globally distributed agile delivery, we focus on designing and building repeatable models to deliver your innovations to market using our best ideas and tools that range from our own IP to increasingly intelligent AI-driven platforms.

Our Approach

Scale Up and Scale Out

We orchestrate each engagement to help you scale your business solutions to meet the growing demands of your customers and to reach across geographies, time zones and functions.

Customer Collaboration

As your trusted partner, we measure our success based on your results. We leverage the latest technologies, tools and frameworks for collaboration to ensure that our engagements are transparent and instantly traceable from anywhere in the world.

Hybrid Teams

Developing a digital experience or product from end to end requires input and expertise from a variety of roles. Our multidisciplinary teams unite to deliver well-rounded technology solutions that move your business goals forward.

Industrialized Digital

Beyond touchpoints, delivering true value from digital investments requires a deep understanding of experiences, data and technology operations and an innate ability to orchestrate the components at scale.

Engineering Speed and Quality

Through our global Engineering Excellence programs, we train our engineers at all levels on the newest technologies and implementation frameworks. With our Global Delivery platform, we deploy the best teams for your business from anywhere in the world and deliver speed and quality at scale.

Open Is The New Advantage

We embrace Free and Open Source solutions and build on the wisdom of the crowd to deliver the best solutions for today - stressing flexibility, experimentation and collaboration over proprietary, closed approaches.



  • Growth

    We are one of the fastest growing public technology services companies in the world and we understand the challenges of change. We can help you navigate complexity and position your business for growth.
  • Global

    We are a company of over 50 countries and 60,250+ EPAM experts who bring together a full range of capabilities across multiple domains and technology areas to solve your toughest challenges.
  • Developers’ Developers

    Our heritage of partnering with the world’s leading software makers gives us an edge when it comes to solving difficult problems and exceling where others fail.
  • Solutions Not Just Services

    We are focused on designing, architecting and delivering solutions rather than just services. This means that you can expect outcomes and business results from our partnership that redefine the traditional notion of partnership.

Experience Delivery Done Right

Partner with EPAM to engineer your next digital product or experience.