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Empowering Health Systems and Health Plans with Data-Driven Decision Making via the Cloud

Developing a Next-Generation AI Platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS) for Xsolis   

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Xsolis was born from the idea that too many unnecessary silos exist in healthcare, particularly between providers and payers. Its mission is to break those silos through purpose-built solutions and industry-leading AI, accelerating data-driven decision making to create a more frictionless healthcare system. To help reach this goal, the company turned to EPAM and AWS to enhance and scale its AI-driven platform for the future.



Creating Objective Truth in Data, Powered by AI/ML

Health providers today face unique challenges with fewer staff and greater financial variability. This is exacerbated by unnecessary administrative work and payer-provider friction. Xsolis addresses these challenges with its purpose-built AI solutions led by its core platform Dragonfly. The AI platform streamlines medical-necessity decision making, improving utilization review, case management, care coordination and revenue cycle management. These are highly manual areas where valuable clinical staff should not have to wade through electronic medical records to piece together a patient’s true clinical picture.

An AI in healthcare leader since 2013, Xsolis wanted to deliver innovation more quickly to meet industry demand and customers’ evolving needs. To aid in this mission, Xsolis partnered with EPAM in 2021. Since then, EPAM has developed and continuously enhanced Xsolis’ flagship product, relaunched as Dragonfly in 2024, which provides real-time data and predictive analytics to nurses, case managers, physician advisors, utilization management and revenue cycle leaders across 500 hospitals and health systems with over 550 payer connections.

Dragonfly was launched as part of a brand refresh and to represent the company’s expanded abilities to break down silos between providers and health plans. EPAM and Xsolis collaborated with AWS on the re-platforming.

The Dragonfly platform reduces administrative burden and increases staff productivity across health systems and health plans with human-centered AI while accelerating decision-making and increasing collaboration.  

The Re-platform of Dragonfly Will Help Xsolis Serve Its Customers Via:

Improved user experience
Faster delivery of innovation
Opportunity for enhanced integrations


Building a Roadmap to Excellence

At the start of EPAM’s engagement, Xsolis had requirements in the form of demos that showed end-to-end user journeys reflecting customer needs and user behavior. EPAM chose to create a Product Roadmap that is equally clear to key business and engineering stakeholders, with adjustable tactical goals. The roadmap was split into value streams​ representing areas of functionality​ to avoid duplication during development.

The Product Roadmap is inspected and adjusted twice a week by Xsolis and EPAM Product Leadership. As more dependencies were uncovered, EPAM created a Delivery Roadmap to track interdependencies and other teams’ work outside of the project scope. Xsolis and EPAM agreed on implementation of Nexus — a simple Scaled Scrum framework tailored to multiple teams working on one backlog​. Upon collecting feedback, EPAM optimized the number and duration of meetings and created Xsolis’ own Nexus Scrum. It has now expanded to additional teams including:

    • Data Integration
    • Data Science
    • Enterprise Intelligence
    • Enterprise Data Warehouse
    • Quality and Automation Assurance 
    • Architecture


A Focus on



A priority for EPAM’s partnership with Xsolis is utilizing cloud-native solutions, technologies and resources wherever possible, while creating a first-class API product with Dragonfly. As the chosen cloud provider for Xsolis, AWS services and technology provided key benefits like high availability, scalability, automation and speed. The approach consisted of enhancing Xsolis’ microservice-based architecture with AWS services including:

  • Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (MSK)
  • Amazon ECS on AWS Fargate for hosting
  • Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Auora Serverless and Amazon Relational Databases Services (RDS) for scalability
  • Amazon OpenSearch and AWS X-Ray for maintainability

AWS has already advanced the development of additional product lines, such as enhanced case management analytics and revenue integrity insights. Furthermore, it lays the groundwork to deliver future use cases, including generative AI solutions that will be offered alongside the company's existing predictive AI solutions.


A Leader in AI/ML is Prepared for the Evolution of AI

The building of product and development roadmaps combined with EPAM’s thorough technology modernization resulted in the development, implementation and continued enhancement of Xsolis’ Dragonfly.

EPAM’s partnership with Xsolis is focused on building increased scalability, extensibility, maintainability and high reliability for Dragonfly. As a result, Xsolis can increase their speed to market for new Dragonfly products and features, stabilize costs and build agility to adapt to future trends and demands. 

As a leader in developing AI/ML products for the healthcare industry for over a decade, Xsolis’ continued collaboration with EPAM sets the foundation to be more prepared for the unknowns — developing emerging technologies and the strategy to successfully implement them as the company continues to deliver practical, real-world AI solutions for its customers in the years to come. 

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“As a leader in our use of AI in healthcare, partnering with EPAM allowed Xsolis to establish more scalable development processes. AI has become more ubiquitous in healthcare in recent years, and we are now poised to create a frictionless healthcare system in reimagined ways, and to offer our transformative AI solutions more competitively into the future.”

Zach Evans
Chief Technology Officer, Xsolis



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