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EPAM’s remote working solutions are designed to deliver immediate value for our clients in today’s new market conditions.

From consulting and design to engineering and managed services, our solutions deliver value and assurance. Secure, reliable, collaborative and productive: We make working from home work.

“Work From Home” is just another virtual location for EPAM’s Remote By Design™

Our global team continues to deliver value to our customers and engineer the future, from the office or from home.

94% of Fortune 1000 Companies Are Seeing Coronavirus Supply Chain Disruptions

Right now, many businesses are faced with an entirely remote workforce. How they optimize their teams, practices and technology solutions for this new environment is critical. We are keen to share the lessons we have learned and help businesses keep delivering at this uncertain time.


Now that Physical Interactions are limited, Digital Experience is Critical

At EPAM Continuum, we have spent 25+ years revolutionizing physical and digital product design. Rapid prototyping, enabled by our Made Real Labs™, gets ideas in the hands of business decision makers and their customers. Learn more about how our Made Real Labs are working remotely for our customers.

We can help you build flexible and scalable operating models, fast

By leveraging our world-class engineering capabilities, we provide our customers a reliable, predictable and cost-efficient model to run, maintain, enhance or transform their digital platforms, regardless of geography.


  • Work From Home, Works

    We Make Working From Home, Work

    • Secure, productive & agile
    • Secure setup
    • Proactive provisioning
    • Managed staff onboarding
    • Performance monitoring & optimization
  • Borderless Collaboration

    Customer-centric, blending internal and external staff in multifunctional streams

    • Fluid responsibilities 
    • Ownership of delivery
    • Product management
    • Proper setup of infrastructure and services upfront
    • WFH is already supported 
    • Next level of agile
  • Adaptive Productivity Monitoring

    Advanced tools to provide productivity and performance

    • Build natively into desktop and laptop images
    • Collect data and report across profiles 
    • Support productivity monitoring and performance management
  • Non-Linear Managed Capacity/Service

    We can convert internal and other contract/contingent workforce into a single point

    • Support seamless collaboration with client and EPAM teams
    • Convert other contractors into one integrated team 
    • Ability to flex capacity +/- as market conditions change
    • Leverage alternate workforce models

Fast Facts


We were founded in 1993 as a networked, distributed organization


of EPAM’s global employees are making #WorkFromHome work


We’ve spent 25+ years honing collaborative, productive and secure remote working practices, and have helped customers such as SAP do the same


EPAM has over 100 delivery centers that are stress tested and optimized to enable operating model flexibility with continued innovation in remote working practices

18 Months

Our Remote By Design solution has gone through a rigorous 18-month testing process, so we know it works

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After 25+ years of leading the world in product engineering, we’re bringing our experience, training and global customers to you. Anywhere.


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