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Exclusive Invitation: Hyper-Personalization for Travel, Tourism & Hospitality

OCTOBER 18, 2023 5:00 – 8:00 P.M.

Windows Bar, 49th Floor at Voco Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Rd,
Trade Centre, Trade Centre District – Dubai, UAE


Jason Harman
SVP and Head of Global Business 

James Shilton
Director of Digital Platforms

Peter Dibben
Regional director, Experience Cloud – Middle East, Adobe

We have teamed up with Adobe to bring you an engaging, formal dinner event focused on the benefits of delivering real-time, hyper-personalized experiences in the Middle East travel and tourism industry. During the dinner, you’ll discover:

  • What hyper-personalization is and how it provides a superior customer experience
  • The potential applications of hyper-personalization
  • The cutting-edge technologies that power the development of hyper-personalized systems, such as artificial intelligence, cloud-based content management systems, content supply chains and data and analytics platforms

You’ll also learn how EPAM’s expertise in software engineering and Adobe's digital solutions make us ideal partners for delivering hyper-personalized digital experiences that excite and inspire customers.

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