In the past decade, with the help of nation-wide initiatives such as blue-button, API movement and data technology advancements, healthcare has transformed into a data rich industry that presents many opportunities to do things better, faster and more personalized with the use of data. Leveraging its substantial expertise in Hadoop, HL7, patient engagement systems, and payer and provider business processes, EPAM has created a Healthcare Big Data Accelerator to help organizations craft data-driven initiatives. EPAM’s accelerator enables rapid integration of clinical data into existing enterprise process and analytics in an agile way to catalyze digital health, personalization and population management efforts.

For everything from collecting to processing to storing clinical data, the EPAM Healthcare Big Data Accelerator presents scalable, secure and persistent solutions. As a result, ingesting clinical data and analyzing it for specific use cases and running predictive analytics is easier than ever. EPAM also helps integrate analytical insights into your systems of engagement and even staff your development teams!

EPAM Healthcare’s market-leading team of technologists and product innovators created the Big Data Accelerator to be a flexible and efficient platform that supports:

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