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  • An Accelerator to help you build the Banking Experience of Tomorrow

As customers’ lives become ever more digital, the need for next-generation digital banking experiences is vital. Banks are under pressure to provide a ubiquitous experience quicker than ever before. Be ready.

With EPAM’s mobile banking platform Nou Bank, established and challenger banks can see how quickly they can innovate to create next-generation banking products and features that exceed customer expectations. Built by our multidisciplinary team in just eight weeks, Nou is a continuously evolving cloud-native proof of concept that demonstrates what’s possible in banking. Watch the video below for a brief overview.


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  • One Design, Many Flavors 

Your customers are unique—just as their banking experience should be. From Nou Biz to Teen, we can help you cater to the specific needs of your audience segments. 

Nou Family

This banking interface makes it easy to do all the work that keeps households running smoothly, including managing group accounts, deposits, investments and bills. 

Nou Teen

A subset of Family, Nou Teen has everything young people expect from a digital experience today—socially-connected accounts, financial influencer feeds, newsfeeds, carbon footprint tracking and more.

Nou Gold

Nou Gold shows how banks can provide a digital concierge service with basic underlying banking products and allow groups of clients to interact and collaborate around shared goals.

Nou Biz

With seamless access to business banking capabilities, this fully-integrated account type allows users to manage payroll, transfer money, make foreign exchanges and access essential accounting tools.

  • Key Features 

From innovative payment and group deposit concepts to game-changing onboarding experiences and socially-connected accounts, Nou Bank’s platform gives banks insight into the wealth of opportunities available to them.