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EPAM Government Solutions (Navigations Arts, LLC DBA EPAM Government Solutions) (DUNS #098235133, EIN # 522347183) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of EPAM Solutions, Inc. We are registered with the System for Award Management (registration date July 26, 2005) and are headquartered at 7901 Jones Branch Drive, Suite 400, McLean, VA 22102.

We harness the power of our consultancy and design talent, alongside our data expertise, to work out where we can provide value and address your unique needs.

Market dynamics are always evolving, which means you can no longer afford technology strategies that take years to implement. Instead, you need an agile, practical strategy that evaluates every section of your business for potential areas of disruption. We’ll help you develop and implement human-centric strategies that deliver business value now and in the future.

With the pace of new software and product launches, the need for smart testing services has never been greater. We deploy an intelligence and insights-driven approach that helps you bring your products to market faster with reduced risk and quicker ROI.

A strong engineering discipline is at the core of every high-performing organization. Using our coaching, education and engineering services, our team of experts first evaluates how your business is performing and creates an actionable roadmap. Then we develop operating models that bring your engineering capabilities to life.

The world is only getting more digital, so security must be embedded within your business. Trust sits at the heart of any modern digital enterprise, which is why we marry our engineering DNA with a holistic approach to give you a comprehensive security plan. We extend our services across proactive protection, pervasive defense, actionable intelligence and rapid response to threats to provide a model that works for your needs.