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Security as an Enabler of Trust: Four Considerations for TME Leaders in Cloud Security

Leveraging Cloud Security for Innovation, Growth & Competitive Advantage

Security as an Enabler of Trust: Four Considerations for TME Leaders in Cloud Security

Leveraging Cloud Security for Innovation, Growth & Competitive Advantage

In today's rapidly evolving landscape of technology, media and entertainment (TME) companies, cybersecurity has emerged as a critical enabler and builder of trust. According to Gitnux Market Data, “82% of cloud security breaches are caused by a lack of employee skills.” This is primarily due to misconfigurations, which emphasize the importance of organizations incorporating sufficient security measures into their cloud-native foundations.

This blog post explores four ways that TME leaders can leverage Amazon Web Services (AWS) to transform security into a catalyst for success in the cloud era. By prioritizing cloud security and adopting these strategies, organizations can drive innovation, growth and gain a competitive advantage while fostering trust.

Build Security into Cloud-Native Foundations

Cloud-based services are the TME industry’s preferred choice when upgrading or extending their IT ecosystems. According to Markets and Markets, worldwide spending on cloud security solutions will reach $12.6 billion by 2025 which indicates the growing recognition and investment in cloud security. To optimize security while reaping the benefits of cloud migration, organizations must prioritize building security into their cloud-native foundations. It’s crucial to incorporate security considerations from the early stages of the design process. By shifting security left and proactively addressing vulnerabilities, TME companies can prevent the deployment of misconfigured cloud solutions. This approach, also emphasized by AWS, establishes a strong security posture from the ground up that enables TME businesses to confidently leverage the advantages of cloud technology while ensuring robust protection of their assets and data.

Foster a Hybrid Engineering Workforce

Effective cloud security demands collaboration among developers, security professionals and IT operations. This collaborative approach, commonly known as DevSecOps, empowers security teams to become enablers of innovation. From a TME perspective, it’s essential for cloud-native enterprises to have hybrid teams consisting of developers with a security understanding and security professionals with coding skills. By fully unlocking all that cloud has to offer, TME organizations can expedite software deployment, enhance reliability and ensure robust security.

Adopt a Real-time Approach to Cyber Hygiene 

The dynamic nature of cloud environments makes traditional security solutions inadequate as they rely on static perimeters and identities. TME organizations must adopt risk-based and adaptive security architecture that operates in real-time. In a Zero-Trust world, organizations must emphasize incorporating behavioral risk assessment as part of their overall security strategy. Contextual access evaluation is crucial for both cloud developers' identities and workload identities. This strategy, also aligned with the AWS perspective, emphasizes the need for dynamic, context-aware security architectures focused on behavioral analysis.

This approach to “cyber hygiene” helps TME organizations analyze the behavior of individuals and workloads to gain a deeper understanding of their activities, identify anomalies and assess potential risks. This contextual access evaluation enhances security measures by continuously monitoring and fine-tuning them, enabling TME organizations to proactively safeguard their assets, detect emerging threats and stay ahead of potential risks. 

TME organizations are increasingly recognizing the importance of real-time approaches to cyber hygiene, highlighting the critical role of behavioral analysis and contextual access evaluation in dynamic cloud environments. By continuously monitoring and fine-tuning security measures based on behavioral analysis, organizations can proactively safeguard their assets and detect emerging threats.

Beware of Complacency

Cloud services evolve at break-neck speed. It is crucial for organizations to keep their cloud security configurations up to date in a proactive manner in order to avoid cloud security vulnerabilities. Failure to do so can result in misconfigured cloud services, potentially introducing vulnerabilities to their cloud solution. Gartner highlights that complacency poses a significant risk to security in both on-premises and cloud environments. TME organizations must invest in a comprehensive set of security tools, controls and processes to proactively identify and address vulnerabilities. To ensure effective protection, DevSecOps teams should deeply understand the overall security requirements, regularly review and integrate tool updates. 

Cloud security is an ongoing function that demands continuous vigilance and the deployment of advanced, effective tools and controls. AWS also echoes this perspective, emphasizing the importance of a proactive and strategic approach to cloud security aligned with business objectives and regulatory requirements. By taking a proactive stance and continuously updating their cloud security measures, organizations can mitigate risks and enhance the overall security of their cloud environments.

TME leaders must prioritize cloud security – keeping these four key considerations in mind – to leverage it as an enabler of trust, innovation, growth and competitive advantage. Organizations can navigate the cloud landscape confidently by incorporating security into cloud-native foundations, fostering a hybrid engineering workforce, adopting a real-time approach to cyber hygiene and avoiding complacency. By incorporating AWS's perspective and leveraging their comprehensive security services, TME companies can build a robust security framework that aligns with their business objectives and regulatory requirements. TME leaders can thrive in the digital era while ensuring the trust and satisfaction of their customers by embracing cloud security as a strategic imperative.


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