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The Headless Commerce Playbook for Business Leaders

The Headless Commerce Playbook for Business Leaders

Traditionally, eCommerce software was built as a single, integrated application, often referred to as a monolith. It was inherently rigid and created with a fixed set of rules for everything from creating a new product discount to changing the font size in the front-end. An innovative departure from monolithic platform design, headless commerce refers to a modern commerce architecture in which the front-end is decoupled and connected seamlessly to the back-end via APIs (Application Program Interfaces). The result? Increased business agility and a better, more omnichannel customer experience.

This guide brings together experts from different realms of the headless commerce world to provide a comprehensive playbook for business leaders that covers all the facets of a headless strategy: decoupled front-ends, API-driven commerce systems, headless content and the implementation of a modern commerce architecture to enable omnichannel solutions.

Download the complimentary guide now to explore the best practices for choosing and implementing the right headless commerce solution for your business.


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