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“The Pressure of Having to Learn New Technologies on the Fly, in Front of Other People… That’s Just a Whole Other Layer of Stress”

Silo Busting 7: Reskilling in the Next Normal with Sandra Loughlin and Jitin Agarwal


The pandemic has made students of us all. To move forward, we need to learn to reskill ourselves in the next normal

In the latest episode of Silo Busting, we asked EPAM's Sandra Loughlin, Head of the Education & Learning Practice, and Jit Agarwal, VP of Enterprise Products, all about what skills mean in our strange new moment. Together, they spoke about the need for new learning mindsets, resilience and agility. They touched on mentorship and the importance of receiving feedback from peers with more experience. They even fessed up to having personally evolved their skills over the past several months. The casual-but-intelligent conversation is a must-listen. So plug in your headphones and let the learning commence!

Listen to the podcast here.