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Accelerating Innovation of the Autonomous Vehicle with V2X Technology

Accelerating Innovation of the Autonomous Vehicle with V2X Technology

EPAM’s Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) solutions help bridge the gap between innovative trials and enterprise-at-scale deployments to help cities, automotive Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), telecom providers and value-added service providers drive transformation in the automotive industry.

In the brochure, we explain how the development of V2X services for the connected car allows automotive OEMs to:

  • Optimize the driving experience and provide safer, faster and more cost-effective transportation
  • Overcome the limitations of autonomous vehicle innovation faced by current systems while keeping up with evolving worldwide standards
  • Create a roadmap for new innovation and open opportunities to monetize value-added services
  • Build long-term relationships with telecom providers, government bodies and smart city councils to drive cohesive transportation transformation

In this video, using the idea of a connected emergency vehicle that forces a green light at an intersection, EPAM’s Made Real Lab™ designed and developed a custom application for on-board units, developed a cloud center and conducted field tests to apply the concept in the real world. It is precisely these types of innovations that will shape the future of V2X and create new opportunities for true digital transformation in the automotive space.

Watch the video and download the brochure to learn more! 


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