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Beyond Hyperautomation: A Deeper Look into Developing a Cohesive Automation Approach

Kshitij Sharma

Senior Manager, Intelligent Automation Consulting, EPAM Continuum

Cassidy Reid

Manager, Intelligent Automation Consulting, EPAM Continuum

Iryna Zhylinska

Consultant, Intelligent Automation Consulting, EPAM Continuum
White Paper

Hyperautomation is the newest buzzword circling around the automation community, but what does it really mean and could successfully applying this approach help organizations digitally transform?

With our current economic climate, there is no doubt that businesses across all industries are taking a critical look at their revenue and costs to determine how technologies like intelligent automation can help alleviate financial challenges and accelerate digital transformation initiatives. In this EPAM Continuum white paper, our experts share insights about how hyperautomation can be utilized and explore best practices for getting started.

You can find the full report here.

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