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Escalating Risk in Document Archives for GRC

Escalating Risk in Document Archives for GRC

Risk has a habit of culturing itself in the most unlikely places. Worse, change can introduce risk to previously innocuous parts of your business. One example includes the intensifying concerns around data privacy and large security breaches, which have fostered new legislation, regulation and litigation, often with significant monetary and reputational damages. Businesses have taken the baton, working hard to seal off every vulnerability from external threats, but what if the risk is already there, hiding in places you’d least expect?

Consider the enterprise document archive. Paginated documents are the life blood of governance, risk and compliance (GRC). Even in this digital-first age, they are still a basic necessity. This paper discusses how contemporary content processing solutions can transform information on physical-turned-digital pages into insights for companies and mitigate data risks for GRC. Specifically, we will look at personal identifiable information (PII) in archival documents—an often unnoticed and growing snowball of risk. At the end, we’ll offer a short menu of additional use cases that would benefit from a comprehensive content processing solution. The virtue of the archive risk use case that we focus on here is its simplicity, as it provides a straightforward anchor to the complexity of trying to teach technology to simulate human judgment for content processing.

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