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The Value of Communications in an Ever-Changing Environment

The Value of Communications in an Ever-Changing Environment

Recent months have demonstrated that in new or uncertain situations, people may create their own narratives about what is happening unless a clear explanation is provided. These scenarios may differ from what is actually happening, which can result in misinterpretation or change resistance. Without a compelling case for transformation and a clear vision of what the future should look like, stakeholders may question the need for change or even opt out entirely. This reaction is a natural human response to the unknown, as people typically fear what they do not understand.

While incomplete or missing communication may result in resistance to change, effective communication can inform impacted people about what to expect and prepare them to respond productively. The right communications strategy helps set expectations and connect people to appropriate resources so that they can adapt to new situations, adopt supporting behaviors and pave the way toward realizing the full value of change.

So, how do organizations prepare people for change? Read the full white paper or contact us directly to learn more.


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