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Onboarding Made Easy: Smart Digital Onboarding Solution for Financial Services

  • Financial Services

Fast facts

  • First impressions are everything, and the traditional onboarding process in financial services leaves much to be desired
  • Accelerating the customer onboarding process is easier said than done with the mandate to meet know your customer (KYC) regulations and the challenge of integrating multiple new technologies
  • EPAM’s smart digital onboarding solution improves the onboarding process by eliminating the need for paperwork and in-person visits and streamlining KYC proceedings

Are you ready to reduce waiting time and decrease customer uncertainty during the onboarding process by offering a streamlined, all-digital solution? Download the brochure or contact us today to learn how!

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Benefit & Value

  • Leapfrog months of internal development and deployment time
  • Significantly reduce waiting time and uncertainty during the onboarding phase
  • Increase customer confidence and privacy through secure digital communications


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