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Technical Talent Accelerators

Helping Clients Develop In-House Technical Talent & a Culture of Engineering Excellence


A proprietary, industry-recognized technology workforce ecosystem is the secret to EPAM’s world-class talent and business success. We can help you achieve the same success by offering our talent system components as accelerators, tailoring them to your organization.

The digital revolution has changed everything. Two decades ago, many IT departments were back-office, administrative organizations responsible for keeping the lights on. Now, IT is a critical business partner and core driver for transformation, innovation and competitive advantage. While exciting, this shift has created significant challenges. To keep up, IT employees need to quickly develop new capabilities in data, technology, processes and people. How can IT leaders motivate and orient employees to build the capabilities required by the organization? By aligning eight people-related components into an integrated talent ecosystem.  

The process typically takes a significant amount of time, research, training and planning. Download our brochure to learn how we can help you to get there faster.

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