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93% of Engineers Seek Upskilling in AI, Cloud Computing: Report

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93% of Engineers Seek Upskilling in AI, Cloud Computing: Report

Data shows 93 percent of modern engineers are looking for upskilling opportunities in AI, cloud computing, and other new-age technologies, according to the EPAM-CMR Study.

Modern engineers are invested in shaping their future with clear career aspirations, social innovation, and sustainability goals, with 68 percent and 46 percent of modern engineers, respectively, believing that data analytics and artificial intelligence will be in demand in the future, enabling enhanced consumer experiences and collaboration.

Learning curve

Similarly, delving deeper into their career aspirations, the study findings suggest that modern engineers are keen on accelerating their learning curve and expect their organizations to support this by creating learning pathways.

According to the study, 80 percent of participants find practices such as competency centers crucial for assisting employees in acquiring technical knowledge and developing problem-solving skills. Concerning tech domain preferences, two in every five modern engineers seek to learn microservice architecture, while Java is the most popular programming language, with 55 percent of participants voting in favor of it.

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