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Forbes Top 200 U.S.-based Most Cybersecure Companies

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Forbes – Alan Schwarz

Forbes Top 200 U.S.-based Most Cybersecure Companies

EPAM ranks #104 on the Top 200 List of Most Cybersecure Companies

The cybersecurity landscape is getting ever more perilous, experts say–constantly threatening to gobble up the identification, financial information and private data of almost every American. The targets go beyond individuals to national security itself, as in 2020, when a massive cyberattack by foreign hackers against American tech firm SolarWinds compromised the networks of many U.S. government agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security.

To identify the companies doing the most to thwart attacks in this perilous terrain, Forbes has created its newest list, America’s Most Cybersecure Companies. In partnership with the research company SecurityScorecard, the rankings highlight the top 200 U.S.-based companies whose website security and cybersecurity infrastructure make them best-in-class. The 200 come from the vast population of 12 million websites that SecurityScorecard regularly monitors.

Companies were ranked based on a variety of factors, such as network security, potential malware exploits, regularity of patches, and the robustness of the company’s cybersecurity team. Companies must have had at least $1 billion in 2022 revenue and no breaches since January 1, 2022. 

Read the full list here.

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