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Rapid Application and Database Assessments Using migVisor™ by EPAM

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AWS Partner Network Blog – by Gal Licht and Andre Boaventura

Rapid Application and Database Assessments Using migVisor™ by EPAM

Building future-ready applications that support today’s growing volume of data requires moving to a modern data infrastructure that lets you save time and costs while improving performance, availability, and scale.

Running on-premises or self-managed databases on the cloud creates tedious management tasks, such as provisioning, patching, and backups.

Many on-premises databases live with old-guard, commercial-grade database providers that are expensive, proprietary, and have high amounts of lock-in and punitive licensing terms. As a result, some customers are moving as fast as they can to open-source databases.

However, getting the same performance on open-source databases as you get on commercial-grade databases turns out to be challenging most of the time.

The most straightforward and simple solution for customers who are struggling to maintain their own relational databases at scale is to migrate and modernize to managed database services like Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) or Amazon Aurora by following the AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP).

In this post, you will learn how EPAM’s database assessment tool, migVisor, can play a key role in the overall MAP methodology. Additionally, you’ll learn how using migVisor in combination with other AWS assessment solutions and services can help you gain a holistic view of your environment and make informed decisions to determine the feasibility of migrating your databases and correlated applications to AWS.

EPAM Systems is an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner with the Migration Consulting Competency. EPAM simplifies your infrastructure and applications by moving them to the cloud and eliminating technical debt so you can focus on your business objectives.

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