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Accelerating migrations to Google Cloud with migVisor™ by EPAM

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Google Cloud - by Oumar Ndiaye and Kent Hua

Accelerating migrations to Google Cloud with migVisor™ by EPAM

Application modernization is quickly becoming one of the pillars of successful digital transformation and cloud migration initiatives. Many organizations are becoming aware of the dramatic benefits that can be achieved by moving legacy, on-premises apps and databases into cloud native infrastructure and services, such as reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), elimination of expensive commercial software licenses, and improved performance, scalability, security and availability.

The complexity of applications and databases to a cloud-centric architecture requires a rapid, accurate, and customized assessment of modernization potential and identification of challenges.

EPAM Systems, Inc., a leader in digital transformation, worked with Google Cloud as a preferred partner to accelerate cloud migrations beginning with pre-migration assessments. Leveraging EPAM’s migVisor for Google Cloud—a unique pre-migration accelerator that automates the pre-migration process—and EPAM’s consulting and support services, organizations can quickly generate a cloud migration roadmap for rapid and systematic pre-migration analysis. This approach has resulted in the completion of thousands of database assessments for hundreds of customers.

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