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How Emerging Technologies Can Transform the Hospital Experience

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Machine Design – by Rebecca Pinn

How Emerging Technologies Can Transform the Hospital Experience

The Leapfrog Group, a national watchdog organization focused on healthcare safety, recently released its spring 2022 Safety Grade, which found that years of progress in the industry was reversed due to the pandemic. Critical areas of patient experience worsened with the responsiveness of hospital staff seeing the most significant decrease. Inadequacies in communication concerning medicine were frequent, and patients were also less likely to receive help when needed.

This decline in service quality was due to the immense pressure healthcare employees endured during the pandemic. Nevertheless, even before COVID-19, patients expressed less favorable sentiments during their hospital visits. And while the patient experience may be secondary to the actual treatment, studies show that facilities that foster better experiences tend to provide safer, higher quality care.

Redesigning the hospital stay experience goes beyond the limits of health care. For instance, patients may feel ignored by miscommunication, frustrated by constant night vital checks and confused by potential unexpected diagnoses.

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